30 Minute – $45

45 Minute – $65

60 Minute – $80

Sport massage rocks! It will relieve muscle tension, increase flexibility, and decrease risk of injury. Studies have found that massage therapy increases the range of motion in muscles decreasing recovery time between workouts and sporting events. For athletes, weekend warriors, and active individuals sport massage will give you the competitive edge.

Stretching Session/FST

30 Minute – $45

Our certified and professional Fascia Stretch Therapists help with chronic tension and mobility issues. They specifically target your fascia and use assisted stretching and traction in order to increase flexibility, improve performance and reduce injury incidence. These gains are much more noticeable and permanent compared to traditional methods of stretching.

Tune Up

30 Minute – $45

60 Minute – $65

Tune-Up your body like you tune-up your car. Overtime, muscles can lose strength and coordination. Poor body mechanics and postures can create an unhealthy holding pattern. With periodic checks on the neuromuscular, mechanical, and motor control systems pain can be relieved and prevented! We pull out ALL the tools from our toolbox and focus on what specific area you want to focus on. This can include cupping, scraping, taping, active release, and stretching!

Massage Cupping

30 Minute – $45

60 Minute – $65

What the Cup! We place the cups on the skin creating a suction or negative pressure. The suction increases blood flow bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the tissue. Moving the cups will break down adhesions and underlying scar tissue. This will relieve muscle tension, improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. You more than likely will “mark” but don’t worry it does not hurt. This just shows us where your tissue is blocked!



30 Minute – $45

60 Minute – $65

Rock the Tape! Kinesiotape is used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, rotator cuff issues and back pain. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompression effect to allow more blood flow to the tissue.


Sports Performance

(Packages Available)

Functional and Biomechanical Sport Assessment- $120

60 Minute Training Session – $70

This in-depth assessment will address strength, flexibility, power, stamina, posture, speed, balance, and agility. It will help identify weak links, dysfunctions, energy links, and cracks in your foundation that could be causing you an increased risk of injury and decrease in sports performance. We identify these weaknesses making them your strengths.

Sports Injury Bridge Program

(Packages Available)

Return to and Biomechanical Sport

Assessment- $120

60 Minute Session- $70

At RAMP we specialize in bridging the gap from physical therapy to sports performance and getting you back in action. We focus on making sure the athlete is healed and functionally strong enough to return to their respective sport in a safe manner where risk of re-injury is diminished. At RAMP we have a very thorough assessment and evaluation for athletes coming off ACL and all other injuries with complete return to sport. 


Mobile Athletic Training Coverage

Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly skilled health care professionals who provide medical care and supervision during games and practices, and develop injury prevention programs to keep athletes healthy and on the field. Athletic Trainers provide medical care and supervision during games and practices and develop injury prevention programs to keep athletes healthy and injury free. Should an injury occur, athletic trainers are able to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate an injured athlete. Ask about our Mobile Athletic Trainer coverage services.

Mobile Squad

GO MOBILE! We bring recovery to you. RAMP will take you or your athlete to the next level of recovery and performance. RAMP mobile team will come to your location and provide your athletes with pre/post muscle recovery with an option to use the cold tub, NormaTec compression boots, and Theragun percussion massage tools to help keep you fresh and recovered in order to perform at your optimal level!

Injury Assessment

Our certified athletic trainer will perform an injury evaluation to assess the root cause and the factors linked to your specific pain. Joint range of motion, manual muscle testing, and special orthopedic sports medicine tests will all be utilized to help put all the pieces of the puzzle together for what’s going on. After your evaluation, you will be given functional movement exercises and stretches to correct the underlying cause and prevent future injury.

Check out our daily and package options

To get the most out of RAMP’s services to help you Repair Recover & Perform! rvices, cons

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Soaking Tub
  • Contrast Bath
  • Normatec Compression Boots
  • Theragun & Foam Rollers

Ramp On The Go


You get TEN 60 minute sessions to full access to the recovery lounge.

Foam Rollers
Infrared Sauna
Cold and Warm Tub
Normatec Compression Boots

Back In The Game


THREE 90 minute sessions to get you back in the game.

3 60 Minute personalized sessions
3 30 Minute Recovery sessions
Best Value










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