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Sports Massage

(Packages Available)

30 Minute - $45

45 Minute - $65

60 Minute - $80

Sports massage is ideal especially for athletes, as it targets specific muscles, improves flexibility, and reduces the risk of injury.

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Stretching Session/FST

30 Minute - $45

Tune Up

30 Minute - $45

60 Minute - $65

Is your body just not feeling right? Just can’t seem to shake off that one problem area? Well look no further!  A Tune-Up can help remedy that situation.



30 Minute - $45

60 Minute - $65


Sports Performance

(Packages Available)

60 Minute - $70

Functional Biomechanical/Sports Assessment

90 Minute - $70


Mobile Athletic Training Coverage

Do you have games practices, camps, clinics and tournaments that need sports medicine coverage? Have you been looking for a medical professional  to provide sports medicine for those events? Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly skilled health care professionals who work with your organization to advise on and execute plans to address issues such as emergency and preventative care, environmental conditions, facility and equipment safety, and other sports- and job-related matters.Athletic trainers provide medical care and supervision during games and practices, and develop injury prevention programs to keep athletes healthy and on the field. Should an injury occur, athletic trainers are able to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate an injured athlete. “Unfortunately injuries occur and prompt management of these injuries is critical to the patient’s positive outcome and should be carried out by trained health care personnel, such as the athletic trainer, to minimize risk.”  Ask about our Mobile Athletic Trainer coverage services.

Mobile Squad

Have a long weekend filled with games and matches? Looking to bring your recovery on the road with you so you can recover post workout or game? Well look no further! You can now rent our mobile compression units, thera guns and mobile ice bath. We have compression arms, legs and hips that you can use wherever you want to. You can’t also forget about the mobile recovery ice bath! Ask about how we can keep you feeling fresh and well covered when on the road!

Injury Assessment

Have a new or nagging injury? Just can’t seem to get rid of your chronic pain or discomfort?  Well look no further! Come see RAMP’s Board Certified Athletic Trainer for the solution. During the assessment we will perform an injury evaluation to assess the root cause and the factors linked to your specific pain. Joint range of motion, manual muscle testing and special orthopedic sports medicine tests will all be assessed to help put all the pieces of the puzzle together for what's going on. After your evaluation you will be given some “homework” which will include functional corrective exercises, to help get yourself back to as good as new. Come into RAMP and start your journey to living pain free!

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